Easily Buy Cryptos in Uganda

In Uganda, You can buy BTC, BNB, and other few Cryptos Using Fiat i.e deposit Ugandan shillings (UGX) from your mobile money account to your Binance Uganda account, the minimum deposit is 50,000/= after that head on to buy any other crypto supported on Binance Uganda. I strictly advise not to buy BTC as its withdrawal fees are high.
If you don’t have an account yet, you can easily create it here https://www.binance.co.ug/en/register/?ref=10068553

Bitpesa is a Provider of wholesale cryptocurrency liquidity and exchange with the fast settlement. You can Buy BTC with Ugx, Tz, KSH, and Naira

Other ways to buy BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, XRP, and other few cryptos in East Africa is using https://Localbitcoins.com
You can buy them using Uganda shillings, Kenyan shillings, Tanzanian shillings with different methods of payments
Remember Local bitcoins is a peer to peer bitcoin marketplace, you have to follow the terms and conditions of the seller before placing a trade with him/her

Now it’s time to buy your favorite Altcoin, if you want to XRC coins, transfer you BTC, ETH, or any other Coin you purchased from the above exchanges to hitbtc.com and exchange for XRC (BitcoinRhodium)

Withdraw your Coins to your wallets for example XRC can be sent to Magnum, web-wallet, Electrum-XRC, Trezor. Make sure you have created a wallet already and safely stored your recovery phrases.

If you exchanged for other coins, please make sure they are also withdrawn to their respective wallets and addresses.

Thank you!!

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